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For The Love Of Bassets ~ Short Story 

You walk with a little waddle and the way your ears flop and sway in the wind just takes my breath away. Your coat of many colors has my heart all tangled into knots. I love you more than words will every say. you are my Basset Hound. I have loved you since childhood and remember the first day I saw you.

I grew up in North Chicago. As a child I dreamed of having a huge back yard and my own dog. Instead we lived in a small quaint home, and I lived with 3 brothers and we all shared the same room. We never went without but we definitely didn't have anything that was our own. We shared everything clothes, toys, beds, and even the occasional friend. I was the baby in the family and my oldest brother Thomas and I were walking to a friends home down the road, when we saw an adorable short legged little puppy white with dark brown spots. Thomas and I turned looked each other in the face, smiled wide eyed and both started running as fast as our little legs would carry us. Thomas reached the adorable little basset hound puppy first, which was fine he was just 4 years older. 

He swooped up the little guy and we ran as fast as we could home. Half a block from home Thomas stopped running. I ran past and stopped at the corner near hour house. "What are you doing Thomas, lets go!" He had a shattered look on his face which told me that there was some reason for concern. I stood half bent over and asked "whats wrong, why aren't you running?" I just could not believe he wanted to stop now of all places. He looked down at the adorable little puppy and said "mom will never let us keep him Jimmy. What do we do?" My heart broke, because he was right!

We stood there for what felt like hours trying to decide what story we were going to spin to try hard to keep this little guy. He was perfect floppy ears, short legged, and big brown eyes. My heart started to melt, I was so afraid that we were going to lose the sweet little guy after just finding him. Then it hit me and I jumped as high as the sky, or so it felt. I shared the plan with Thomas and he agreed that for sure it would work. So I ran home, grabbed our other brothers, and brought them back. We discussed the plan after several minutes of playing with the puppy and we knew there was no way that mom could tell us no, there was just no way. 

We made it to the front door and at that moment mom came through the front door. We all stopped in our tracks and you could feel the fear cross our faces. Was she going to be mad? Was she going to say no? I just could not have imagined how empty I would be without my new basset hound puppy if she did say no. I froze I could not take another step and I just could not live without this little puppy. I blinked turned my head to look at Thomas and my other brothers and every one of us had the same fearful expression on our little faces. I blinked turned my head back towards mom and saw an expression that confusion. I knew at that moment she was going to say no. 

It felt like an eternity as I processed the look and the idea of not having a new little puppy. In that very moment my heart had flooded with sadness I turned looked back at mom, and she began to run down the steps of the front porch of our house. Her face lite with excitement as she realized we brought her an adorable little Basset Hound puppy. We were going to get to keep him! 

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