The Indianapolis Basset Hound 

Most people start a story with "you are never gonna believe what I saw". However, you really are not gonna believe what I saw today. I was driving my normal route to work when out of the corner of my eye I saw a white blur shot past me. I did what every normal person does and blinked, rubbed my eyes, and turned back to the left, the direction of the blur, and caught the blur once again. However this time the blur had stopped for a drink of water. I was amazed at the fact that what I saw was a Basset Hound. A sweet looking, lovely little basset hound. I was sure that my eyes stopped on this little guy simply because of the fact that he was white so I continued onto work. I didn't think about that little guy again throughout my work day. I did my normal tasks. My work day progressed as normal and I left work my normal 15 minutes late and started the track back home. 

I stopped at the grocer and picked up a few items of necessity and overheard a few people talking about "you will never believe this little guy and how fast he will run". My thoughts passed through high school track and so forth. another conversation I overheard as I wondered through the forbidden cookie isle, was "have you ever seen such an athlete?" I again thought to myself that maybe they had seen the same news feed today and I wondered why I had not seen it on my FaceBook page or heard anything about this during the day. My eyes wondered to the check out lady and how she was giggling and smiling talking to an elderly man who was tickled over their conversation. I crept up to the check out lane and waited my turn. As I waited my turn I heard a man behind me say "I wish I could find that little guy, I am sure there would be a reward for him." Another man in response says to him "there is a reward $1,000,000.00 for that little athlete. I couldn't help myself "what are you gentlemen talking about over there?". The older gentleman who wished he could find the "little guy" said to me with surprised eyes "you mean to tell me that you have not heard of the Indianapolis Basset Hound?" 

My mind floated back to that moment this morning when I disregarded the fact that a little white blur I disregarded as "the little Basset Hound Puppy" I saw drinking water in a neighbors yard. As I paid partial attention to the gentleman that was speaking to me, I heard the words reward and $1,000,000.00 again. Yes that is truly what the other man just told me. They were offering a $1,000,000.00 reward for this Basset Hound and I could not believe I drove passed that million dollar baby opportunity. Then his words registered with me again. No one knew where he was and they had been looking for this little dog all day. I quickly paid for my groceries and ran to my car. Jumped into the car and drop to find this little guy. I was determined that I would find him. 

I spent hours looking for him, well into the evening and decided that I needed to head home and start the process of ending the day, having dinner and preparing for work tomorrow.  I pulled into the driveway, grabbed my bag of groceries and headed to the back door on the side of the house and I could not believe my eyes once again. That sweet little Basset Hound was fast asleep on the steps of my back porch. I was in utter shock. I gave him a piece of the beef jerky I had purchased for snacks at the office and he was my new best friend. He followed me into the house and I took pictures of him. I called his owners and they are on the way here right now. I told you that you would not believe this story but I found the fastest Basset Hound known to man, and I hope he lives a happy and fun filled live with his family once again.