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Basset Hound puppies are simply adorable! Whether you are drawn to their long floppy ears, their fun-to-look-at body shape, or their lovable personality, you won’t be disappointed with the choice of a Basset as your next family pet.

We at Sandyhilll Basset Hounds have been raising AKC Basset Hounds since 1991. We have placed many great puppies all over the United States, often in Wisconsin. As we are located in northwestern Indiana, Wisconsin is within a reasonable drive, and you are more than welcome to make the journey to our place to visit! We are quality breeders with many AKC champions in our bloodlines, and several of our sires and dams are AKC champions themselves. We promise you’ll like what you see!

Please take a look at our Basset Hound Puppies For Sale page as you consider making a Basset Hound a member of your family. Please contact us for the most current pictures of available puppies. We would be more than happy to speak with you & answer any questions you may have about current puppies for sale or upcoming litters. Please use the Contact Us form to provide us a way to reach you.

If you are considering a Basset Hound as your next dog breed, then you have arrived at the right place to find the best Basset Hound in range of Wisconsin. We would love to place our Basset Hound puppies with you as a loving owner in Wisconsin. Bassets are well suited to the lifestyle afforded by the climate in Wisconsin.

We always enjoy hearing from the families from Wisconsin that have purchased our wonderful Basset Hounds in the past. If that’s you, we are glad to have you back!

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