Basset Hound Owners And References

From Indiana:

Hi, Dan—
Thanks for letting us stop by with our girl. She is most precious and well-loved!

Wherever we go, Roger and I are known as Belle’s parents. Henrietta Belle (she goes by “Belle”) is definitely a showstopper! We can’t take her anyplace without drawing a crowd. This not only has to do with her looks, but also her sweet, funny personality. We can’t wait to get our second puppy this spring.

Roger and Linda

From Utah:

Hi Dan, Just wanted to tell you that the Puppy, we named him Oliver, Ollie for short is doing GREAT He has already mastered the doggie door. He doesn’t quite know yet that it is access for pottying, because he usually asks to go out after he’s pottied. 😛 but he’s doing really well with using the papers inside. He is so SMART! He LOVES being outside. I have trouble getting him to come back in. My husband and I just LOVE him to pieces. Ollie was so worth the wait! He has his vet appt tomorrow for shots and a well puppy check up, which I’m sure he will pass with flying colors. Thank you so much for all you did we love him so much.

Toni M.

From Illinois:

Dan, I hope all is well! I’ve been meaning to reach out to you for a long time now. I just wanted to let you know that we couldn’t be happier with Remington. He’ll be turning 1 year old on February 5th. He’s got such a great personality, and he gets along so well with other dogs and all humans. It’s nearly impossible for him to see a dog or person on one of his walks without him getting overly excited to play, and then he pouts when he gets taken away from play time. From start to finish, you were so easy to work with, and you’re a great breeder! My wife Christine is already talking about Remington needing a brother, so who knows if we’ll be seeing you again soon.

You can see some [more] photos of Remington on his Instagram account at the link here:

Thanks so much!



From WI:

I had bought a Basset Hound puppy from you on June 24, 2017 to use for hunting rabbits. The pup’s name was “Flicka” but I changed it to “SLUG NOGUNSHY.” I sent you a couple of pictures – maybe you can use them on your web site. He is doing a fantastic job tracking and hunting rabbits for being less than a year old – very good and very smart. He also has a playmate named “Gauge” who is a 5 year old German short hair. They are two peas in a pod playing all the time.

“No brush pile too far, no bunny too tough.” Every rabbit hunter should have a Basset Hound.

Brian S.

From Colorado:

Dear Dan, I wanted to share a few photos of Dolly and Barney. They both keep us entertained, and we love both of them so, so much! I will look forward to purchasing another Basset in the future. I’m thinking of trying to get one next Spring. Thank you for working with us!

P.S. Kendra taught Barney to sit up on his bottom. Here he is sitting up pretty…hoping for a treat!

The Wood's Happy Hound Home

From Iowa:

Gus was from Charlie’s litter born on 7/25/18.  Such a good boy!

From Iowa:

Thanks for everything, Dan.  We are so pleased with our puppy, and are so happy that we found you. Have a great Sunday!

From Illinois:

Hello Dan,

Hope all is well. I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us. We brought Lola home Aug 11, and couldn’t be happier. She is such a sweetheart and her little personality is really starting to shine. She fits in perfect with our family. You were so easy to work with it and it took a long time getting the perfect puppy and perfect timing for our family. Thank you for your patience. We will never forget the day we picked her up. Visiting your farm and meeting her mom, dad and siblings is a memory we will always have. Thanks again and hope all is going well over there!


From North Carolina:

She had her paw on the glass, wanted to come in !!!! She is a great puppy Dan !!!! Thanks


From Indiana:

Just a short note to let you know that Thelma is doing very very well!! Vet was quite taken with her! More later!
Amy N.

From Illinois:

We wanted to let you know what a WONDERFUL DOG!!! We’ve had four Bassets and she is by far the best dog we’ve EVER HAD!!! I hate to ask, but I cannot find the registration papers for AKC. I’ve looked everywhere for it and I cannot find them. Is there any way for them to be mailed to us or if we just need a registry number, could we have that? She is such a special girl and we want her to be registered. Thank you so much!!!

Alison M

From Ohio:

Dan, We are so very glad that we met you. Buying our boy Toby was such a joy. He is truly an amazing puppy and we could not be any happier with our pick. You have an awesome facility that was very clean and all the puppies were just beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for answering all my questions and taking your time with us. Toby went to my veterinary today and they said he is perfect and love his color. When I’m ready for another one I will be calling you. Thank you. I took Toby and she was perfect. My vet said you used a good wormer. They did give her the same for a second treatment just in case. But everything went very well. I love Toby and so very happy to have him in our family.
Deb S.

From Illinois:

Hi Dan,

Happy Halloween to you and your family. I hope the dogs and their pups are doing well. Our Pearl is going out today in her pumpkin sweater. She is still continuing to be a great puppy…and with such personality. She is very vocal and if you pay her no attention she swats at you with her front paw, like Hello…I’m down here. Wonderful dog and I can not tell you how happy she makes me. I look forward to the holidays with her in the family. As always have a great day and continue with the updates.

Genny K

From Michigan:

Just wanted to thank you again for Nelson! He is very loved and is especially good at keeping the grand kids faces clean!

Heather L.

From Indiana:

Hello there. We got a male puppy from you almost 13 years ago. We had to have him put to sleep 2 nights ago and we are devastated. We don’t have kids so our bassett Bently was our kid. My wife has the paperwork from when we got him from you but I don’t want to ask her to find it yet. I thought you might have us on record. I’m just wondering if you have any of his relatives that you breed? He was the best dog ever and would love to have some kind of relation to him. Please let me know. Thank you so much.

Joe and Laurie V.