Basset Hound Owners And References

From Michigan:

Just wanted to thank you again for Nelson! He is very loved and is especially good at keeping the grand kids faces clean!

Heather L.

From Indiana:

Hello there. We got a male puppy from you almost 13 years ago. We had to have him put to sleep 2 nights ago and we are devastated. We don’t have kids so our bassett Bently was our kid. My wife has the paperwork from when we got him from you but I don’t want to ask her to find it yet. I thought you might have us on record. I’m just wondering if you have any of his relatives that you breed? He was the best dog ever and would love to have some kind of relation to him. Please let me know. Thank you so much.

Joe and Laurie V.

From Illinois:

Good Morning Dan,

I hope all is well. I meant to email you earlier this week but I forgot how much work it is having a puppy. She is keeping us busy but we have loved ever minute of it. I just want to say thank you for being such a great breeder. My puppy is very socialized and not timid or shy. She is in fact quite fearless and laid-back. Everyone in my family loves her and this weekend she is going for her first vet check. I am sure she will win them over also. She is very smart and already responds to her name and she fusses a bit when she has to go out or when she is tired, she lets us know what she needs. We love her and I could go on and on about her but I know you are busy. I am thrilled to be on the waiting list for another one. I figure in a few months we will be ready to add a little sister to our family so I believe the timing will work out just perfectly.

Again, thank you. I can not believe how much more everything has been added to my life with this one little puppy. I never realized what I was missing without her.

Genny K.

From Montana:

Hello Dan,

This is Esther T, I know it’s almost been a year since she was born and I can’t thank you enough. Meredith has been the most treasured animal I have ever had. She is spunky, happy and I don’t think there is a mean bone in her body. Every where I go she puts a huge smile on their face. Thought you’d like to see some pictures of a basset hound in the mountains of my home in Montana. Thank you again. God Bless.

P.S. She’s also quite the swimmer now 🙂

From Illinois:

Hi Dan,

We had a wonderful afternoon meeting you and playing with all the puppies!
Our trip home was filled with hope, EXCITEMENT and pure joy. Everyone was smiling ear to ear.

Thank you for your valuable time. We enjoyed having the opportunity to come down to visit, meet you, and learn about your Basset hounds.

We are looking forward to keeping in touch, and hearing from you over the next few months. We are counting down the days until February 2018. As discussed our first choice is a Lemon & White Male Basset Hound Puppy. However, we are open to other options available at that time.

P.S. The dogs were so cute!

--Sharon and Aaron

From Illinois:

We made it home safely and she was such a good girl all the way home (no stops and no accidents) – she is SO sweet, we already love her so much! She is fitting in quite nicely here and already is bonding with her big brother!!!! See attached!

Thank you so much for breeding such great dogs!!!! Will send updates as she grows!

Best wishes to you and your family!

Jen K.

From Maryland:

Hi Dan. We got our Boh from you in August. He is from Redbud’s litter. He’s one today! Just wanted to share a couple pictures. He’s so very loved. He has a yellow lab sister named Maggie now as well as his three human siblings.

The Smith Family

From North Carolina:

I thought KING OTIS was helping me drive ……but he was only admiring himself in the mirror….

Rusty D.

From Illinois:

Dan, just wanted you to see the puppy I recently purchased from you.

Mary S.

From Montana:

Dan, We couldn’t be happier with our 2 pups. They are doing great here in Montana. They are a big hit around here. Thanks, (picked them up in my plane last December in Lafayette).

Tim B.

From Indiana:

HI Dan,

I wanted to wait for a week to see how things are before I let you know about our pups. We are thrilled to report that these pups adore each other! [As you can see in the photo] Claude is now 4 months old and Dolly was 8 weeks old when we picked her up from you a little more than a week ago. Our 9 year old lab Quincy has been a wonderful big brother and only gets involved when he worries that Claude is being rough—which he never actually is. We have had zero aggression from any of our dogs.

From the moment we brought Dolly home this has been hilarious! These dogs adore each other. They sleep together, play together, and only are separate to eat. Dolly saw the vet on her second day with us and was found to be 100% healthy and happy. She weighed in at a perfect 9 pounds.

I am so happy and blessed to have these wonderful pups. Bassets are loving, friendly, and smart dogs. We took them to the park yesterday and they kissed and snuggled with countless little kids who ran to meet them.

Thank you for all you do–for the care and devotion with which you raise these wonderful pups!

Amy and Marty N

From Indiana

Hi, Dan! Just sending a couple of great picture`s of our Lizabeth Anne (no longer a runt of the litter). First picture is looking pitiful for a treat and the second one is dancing with some friends to Rock and Roll (check out her ears)! Thanks for providing us with such a great puppy with personality plus!!. Lizabeth is a big star at her Daycare, Barkefellers in Indianapolis. They have used her for many pictures on their website. You are right about her hair coat. The coloring is beautiful and the coat has always been so shiny…just like her personality plus. Blackie and Samuel Long Ears would be very proud! Best wishes always to you and your family,


Donna St

From Illinois:

Hi Dan. Louise P here. Nice to meet you yesterday. Just wanted you to know how well adjusted this little sweetheart of a puppy is. She confidently met her new home, explored and made herself at home. And my little 18 mo old granddaughter?… the puppy follows her around like she’s the Queen of England. Quite a cute pair. She’s a beautiful addition to my new life. Thanks, you’ve raised a lovely puppy…

2 days later…..Dan. I absolutely love this precious pup.

From Michigan:

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to let you see two of your pups. The one on the left is Daize Mae from your March 16, 2016 litter. She is a big girl and still growing. The one on the right is Hank from your July 7, 2013 litter. He was the runt, but has grown nicely. They are buds. They are great companions. Thank you for two great pups.

Take care.


From Indiana

Hi all!! We too picked up our pup: one of Lemon Drops boys. He is wonderful and our Claude is sweet and smart! Dan does an amazing job and I’m now on the list to give Claude a little sister soon! We live in Laporte an hour away so are very lucky in that once we picked our pup Dan was so wonderful and allowed us to visit weekly! This is truly the best way to get a beauty of a pup who is so smart and healthy!

Thanks again Dan!

Amy N