Basset Hound Owners And References

From Rhode Island:

Hi everyone! Wes, I can not agree with you more! My boyfriend Casey and I picked up our lemon and white male pup yesterday morning and drove all the way from Rhode Island (14.5 hour drive) we’re making our way back tonight and our little guy has been amazing in the car for such a young pup! You can tell these puppies are cared for and treated the absolute best at Dan’s farm and knowing we have a very happy and healthy pup made this whole experience worth while! The professionalism from start to finish really makes this place and family great, especially with the constant updates and weekly pictures with us being so far away, really helped us in the process!

I hope the rest of you get your babies home soon and love them as much as we love our Rocky!

Mary C


Hi everyone. My name is Wes and we got two boy pups from Redbud and Samuel. We picked them up today since we are only an 80 minute drive to Dan’s farm. The dogs are wonderful. Healthy and happy. Playful, clean and beautiful. Our whole experience dealing with Dan was pleasant. Hopefully we’ve made a friend for life. I know you’ll all love your new babies. Ours are Charlie and Oscar.

Wes T.

From Illinois:

I would love to have your address so that my mom and I can send you the deposit! I’m so excited to pick out one of your gorgeous hounds! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things!


From Michigan:

Hi Dan:

Just wanted to update you on our puppy. Took him to the vet and she is quite impressed with the little fellow! He is doing great with our other basset. He has a great disposition, is socialized and learns rapidly. We are so pleased that we found your website. You mentioned that you’ve been raising bassets for a long time. It shows as you raise quality dogs. Thanks for all your tips and suggestions. Will keep in touch and let you know how things are going and will recommend you to anyone who is searching for a puppy!

Thanks again!

From IOWA:


It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year since we picked up our puppy. I thought I would share some pictures of “Eddy Joe” who was the green collar puppy from Flicka 7/20/2105 now that he is a year old. He is now grown up and has become a large part of our family. We unfortunately lost our big yellow lab to cancer in April which was difficult for Eddy a month or so.

By the way he is all boy and certainly ornery. One thing he did learn from our lab before he passed away was how to play fetch. Eddy is our 3rd basset and the only one that ever played fetch. In fact he will until your arm goes numb from throwing something.


Andrew S.

Amy N from Indiana: ( In memory of Lola – 2016)

Hi Dan,

It is with heavy, heavy heart that I write this. My husband doesn’t understand why I felt I needed to contact you but I felt I needed to. Our wonderful, sweet, adorable Lola died in a tragic accident this week. We have always had a pool and have always been incredibly careful but this one time the gate got left open and the rest is a horrible nightmare that I won’t soon get past.

I have had many pets over my 56 years but none, absolutely none wrapped around my heart like she did. I guess I am so grieving her that I felt I needed to let her whole family know. You were her first family and in spite of this horrible loss I am ever grateful that we met you and found our sweet girl. I guess I hoped that in some way it would help me if you knew and knew how much I loved her.

All of the pets I’ve lost in the past died of old age or of an illness after many years. I never dreamed of losing one just shy of her first birthday. She brought me more joy in her short life than I can describe. Losing my baby so tragically is unbelievably heart wrenching.

I hope you will understand why I needed to let you know.

I’m trying to remember only happy times but my heart aches for her. Our other dog really bonded with her and seems so lost.

Thanks for raising these pups who bring such joy to everyone they meet.

You don’t have to respond to this, I just needed to tell you.Our dear Lola was the best pup ever. She loved everyone and everyone who met her adored her. I have never been around a happier dog with any better disposition. That is what makes this so hard but also will eventually help us all heal as we remember all the joy she brought us and the many pictures and videos we have of her.

Amy N

Indiana, In October of 2015

Hi Dan,

I just had to update you about our Lola! She is an amazing pup!! She is now in her crate in the kitchen with the big dogs and sleeps from about 9-6 am! She NEVER messes in her crate! She loves my grandson Max as you can see above. They are constant play mates. Lola is doing remarkably well on her housebreaking! This is our best ever puppy experience and we love her to pieces! She is very social and visits my mother and her dog, my daughter’s dog and loves to go the the vet. We are so blessed to have found you and her!


From Michigan:

Good Evening,

Sunday evening puppy pictures were a real treat for us. We wanted to thank you by sending a few of Nelson at his new home.

He is so sweet! Only 1 accident! We noticed in your pictures that there was a carrying crate in with the pups, I think it helped in making Nelson be comfortable with his crate, he acts like its his place (which it is), thank you!

Thank you, we really appreciate all the work that you put into making Nelson a great puppy!

Heather and Kirk

From California:

Hi Dan,

Sunny is on a 2 week trip with us. He is doing great. Lola, our 10 year Basset has warmed up to him after a few day’s of adjustment. He has quite the personality already.

Tony & Maryjane

From Texas


The entire vet’s office went berserk over the two puppies you shipped us Thursday. They took many pictures and are featuring them on the Vet’s web page.

The pups are too cute and too much fun.

You do a great job. I hope you breed dogs for years to come.

We will be back!

Best, Robert

Dan H. in Michigan


I hope you are doing well. I wanted to send you some pictures of our awesome puppy Murray. We love him to death and he is the star of the neighborhood.

Heather From Michigan:

Greetings Dan,

Thank you for allowing us so much time with our lovely little blue collared puppy today! Kirk and I may choose to name him Gary. We very much appreciated how thoughtful, informative and patient you were with us, as well as your willingness to answer questions and let us meet your dogs.

We were impressed by the level of care and the clean and professional, but at the same time warm and caring environment you provide for your animals. It makes us feel very confident that we have picked the right breeder.

I am also very thankful that you are taking the extra time to feed our little guy supplemental bottles. That really shows that you are willing to go above and beyond expectations to care for your puppies.

Thank you!

Blessings and Thanks Again!

Fran From Illinois:

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that Elmer is doing great! He had a great vet checkup. No worms, of course, and the vet said he was a great looking puppy and a fine example of the breed. He said you were the kind of breeder he wished every pup he saw came from. He has fit right into my Grandson’s life. His little brother (7) and sister (4) love him to pieces. They play so hard together that sometimes Elmer puts himself in his crate for a nap. He has been house training like a pro. Dylan has been very conscientious about taking him out and he has done extremely well. My daughter and son-in-law have always had boxers and love that breed, so I was surprised when she told me that he was “just the perfect little guy”. Tonight they sent me a picture of him lying halfway out of his crate, fast asleep. He loves going for rides in Dylan’s Bronco, and he always greets you with lots of kisses. I will gladly recommend you to anyone that is looking for a Basset. We couldn’t be any happier with Elmer. Thank you again for all your communication and the pictures every week. It helped Dylan to be patient waiting for him. I received his papers in the mail earlier this week, thank you for sending them so promptly.

Fran R

Brenda Michigan:

Here is a copy of this year’s Christmas card. Hank is on the right. He was the runt from the 7/7/13 litter. Love him more and more every day.

Have nice holidays.

Brenda P F

From Illinois:

I thought you might like to see how Daisy has settled in with the Kinsey’s. We absolutely love her. She is beautiful and has a great personality. Thanks for breeding great bassets!walking through the woods and finding peacefulness at night.